Website Designer and Developer

I have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and have been working as a website developer for 5 years already. I have worked with Website Development companies, built websites for both local and international clients, and maintain my own blog as well.

Calligraphy Enthusiast

Started Pen Meet Cebu last 2015 together with calligraphy enthusiasts Sandee Suan, Chinchin Trinidad and Toni Pino-Oca. Since then, I have been accepting brand collaborations and projects related to calligraphy from Philippine-based clients (eg. t-shirt designs, custom illustrations, designs and letterings, and invitation suite).

Blogger and Social Media Influencer

I have been constantly blogging since 2013. I blog at www.lifeonaflavoredrunway.com to share my thoughts, interests and experiences related to fashion, beauty, food, travel, and everything else in between! I started a blog to inspire people specially those who are afraid to go out of their comfort zone when it comes to dressing up. My blog started out as a fashion blog and later on evolved into a lifestyle blog because of the different event invites and brand collaborations.